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Craig Agranoff is an award winning CBS and ABC News Contributor covering technology. He is a serial entrepreneur, and national Online Political Campaign consultant as well as a noted expert in online reputation management. He is the co-founder of Gripd.com. Agranoff was recently named one of the 12 people to watch in 2012 by Gulfstream Media. He has founded dozens of web startups. He was also a Tech/Social Media Correspondent in the New Times, The Palm Beach Post, InternetEvolution.com and VentureBeat.com. Currently he is a Technology News columnist for Miami Living Magazine and The Huffington Post.
  • Political Consultant

    I help candidates and causes not only build a solid platform of traditional electoral marketing and outreach, but have noted expertise...

  • Social Engagement Consultant

    There are thousands of "social media" gurus out there who will gladly take your advertising dollars, create a host of automated tweets and posts...

  • News Contributor

    The segments I do pertaining to the internet and technology have been some of the only award winning segments in all of South Florida...

Political candidates should pay attention to the online world, since users are fully engaged and ready to flex their muscles in the voting booth.

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