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Socially Elected: How To Win Elections Using Social Media
Checked-In: How To Use Gowalla, Foursquare and Other Geo-Location Applications For Fun and Profit
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Craig Agranoff is an entrepreneur, and a noted national Social Engagement consultant as well as designer/developer for some of the most innovative sites on the web.

Who Am I

Craig Agranoff is an award winning CBS and ABC News Contributor covering technology. He is a serial entrepreneur, and national Online Political Campaign consultant as well as a noted expert in online reputation management. He is the co-founder of Agranoff was recently named one of the 12 people to watch in 2012 by Gulfstream Media. He has founded dozens of web startups. He was also a Tech/Social Media Correspondent in the New Times, The Palm Beach Post, and Currently he is a Technology News columnist for Miami Living Magazine and The Huffington Post. Recently he was named the Program Chair for the Advanced Campaigning program at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) where he teaches the course on how to win a political election.

Agranoff has been featured in the Miami Herald, New Times, The Palm Beach Post, AOL Digital Cities, Slice, CenterNetworks, Thrillist, Daily Telegraph, and The Sun-Sentinel. Also has appeared on Gary Vaynerchuck’s Wine Library TV, Fox News, NBC News, Weekend Sunrise, and CBS News.

He frequently speaks at tech events such as Refresh, AMA, SFIMA, and New Tech Community as well as several others throughout the country. At Mashable’s Open Web Awards he won best “Photo Sharing Website Category” for one of the sites he created. He recently won a Digital PR award for his work with Chevrolet. Agranoff is a certified Google Power Searcher.

He has authored several books including Do It Yourself Online Reputation Management which is available on Amazon. His second book Checked-In: How To Use Gowalla, Foursquare and Other Geo-Location Applications For Fun and Profit was the first book about Foursquare and Location Base Marketing, which can be purchased on Amazon. His third book Socially Elected is the first book to teach how to win any election using Social Media. Agranoff is currently working on his fourth book entitled “Unreal Potential” which discusses how to use augmented reality apps for business. It should be published later this year. Agranoff also graduated with a Master’s Degree from FAU (Florida Atlantic University) with honors.

Additionally, in his spare time, Craig’s the Pizza Expert and founder of The Best Pizza Site.

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