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Socially Elected: How To Win Elections Using Social Media
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Do It Yourself Online Reputation Management


Every campaign needs Online Campaign Help. The way a candidate projects him or herself are everything in today’s electoral politics. Managing your online reputation and getting noticed is key to gaining the support and votes needed for a win.

The current JICKA.COM website is a BETA site and they are developing and will launch the new JICKA website in the coming months. Although the website’s look and feel won’t change very much, with the launch of the new JICKA website, they intend to add and test new features prior to the launch. They are therefore very happy to register and add users prior to the launch to use the JICKA service as it evolves. Jicka is a free classified website, utilizing cutting edge technologies to provide members a more interactive posting experience.

The Pizza Experts work with the owners of independent pizza restaurants, and show them how they can implement “outside the pizza box” marketing techniques, that their competition haven’t even thought about trying yet.  The Pizza Experts can come to your location and work along side you, to help improve your brand loyalty, or they can even discuss your strategy on the phone. Your restaurant will be marketed through viral campaigns by experts who know how to get people in your door.They will supply the engagement and content that you need to capture new customers, get them to try your food, and improve their loyalty to your brand.

The first site on the web dedicated to bringing pizza lovers from around the world together, to meet and share pizza.  Through the pizzatweetup website, visitors can rsvp and organize events using Twitter.  Best of all, it is 100% free! It is the first of its kind site for the sector.

Worstpizza is dedicated to finding the best pizza places, by sorting through the worst.  Unlike the other review sites that only look for good pizza, they also expose those with poor quality.  If the biggest skeptics find a place to be exceptional, then you know you should try it as fast as you can.  Each reviewer has their own opinion about places, and our reviews will reflect as such.

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