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In broadcast media, Craig Agranoff is best known for delivering Technology News and information in a way that everyone can understand and with energy that highlights his love of all things tech. From smart phones to web widgets, Craig loves it all.

He even manages to combine technology and pizza, creating a pizza critique empire known as and the upcoming service site SendSlices. Using his iPhone, Agranoff visits pizza joints wherever he travels and photographs what he’s eating, then writes critique. Through that, he’s created a service for pizza shop owners to find out what they could do to improve and not only better their reputation, but better their service and delivery. All of that is on

Pizza isn’t all that Crag does, however. He’s written pieces that were featured in some very well known Technology News and commentary sites and publications such as InternetEvolution, VentureBeat, CenterNetworks, Thrillist, and others. He’s also been featured in popular publications such as Miami Living Magazine, The Palm Beach Post, the New Times, and The Huffington Post.

Agranoff doesn’t just talk about technology news either. He’s in it. He has been a frequent speaker at tech events such as Refresh, AMA, SFIMA, and New Tech Community. He’s an entrepreneur who’s started some of the most popular technology and social networking blogs on the Internet, has helped build award-winning websites and services, and has envisioned and co-created innovative smart phone apps.

On top of all of that, Craig has delved into deep Technology News subjects and authored books such as Dot It Yourself Online Reputation Management and Checked-In: How To Use Gowalla, Foursquare and Other Geo-Location Applications for Fun and Profit. A third, this one focused on social networking for political campaigns, is nearing publication and a he is working on writing a fourth right now.

Altogether, Craig Agranoff doesn’t just bring technology news to people through his television and radio appearances, but he is actually involved in it everyday as something he truly enjoys.

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